Our stores are bright, attractive and welcoming.

Our concept

Priceless is experimenting with a couple of marketing strap-lines:

Real value is Priceless” and

Everyday Products: Everyday Prices: Everyday Priceless

These help summarise our desires to offer real and sustained value, old fashioned customer service, an old fashioned welcome and a regular discounted “core-range” offering of everyday items.

We are determined to make this offering from well fitted, well presented and well merchandised stores exhibiting high levels of retailing discipline, attributes often absent from this market place, particularly at a local or sub-urban level.

We firmly believe that politeness costs nothing and there is no reason why neighbourhood value retailing should be associated with poor retailing standards

We usually do not have a direct competitor locally, but if we do, they tend to be an independent clearance or discount retailer, often with exactly the poor retailing standards we are out to abolish.

We are not “pound stores” or indeed single price point retailers at all. We had originally anticipated that “clearance” lines would be a significant part of our offering, but so far, these do not appear to be essential to our product mix. However, we will always provide “value” to our customers and we have a very high repeat visit rate. This is essential in smaller sub-urban environments and clearly demonstrates that our corporate “values” and offerings resonate with our clients.

Naturally, we tailor our inventory to site restrictions or limitations in addition to varying socio-demographic factors. This ensures that our model remains flexible and therefore adaptable and successful.

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